Myth #1: You’ll be fetching coffee and making copies
I was surprised that by my second day at RED I was already researching projects and tracking media placements. I was working hard and fast and was eager to see some of my creative ideas included in presentations to clients. Working with a small firm gives an intern the chance to fully experience the PR industry by seeing exactly what it is your superiors are doing every minute of every day.

Myth #2: You won’t do any real work; it’s just a resume builder
A day as a RED intern begins with an assortment of research, send-outs and media monitoring. Tracking client media coverage is a large part of a RED intern’s job and is crucial to the account teams. Other responsibilities include helping to plan press events, writing blog posts (like this one) and participating in creative brainstorms.

Ellie and Shre

Summer ’15 intern Ellie (right) at the Morgan Taylor & Gelish ‘Urban Cowgirl’ launch she helped plan


Summer ’15 intern Carrie got to attend a ‘Simply Stylist’ beauty blogger networking event

Myth #3: You have to be the “yes (wo)man”
A common misconception about PR internships is that you are drowning in unnecessary work. This is far from true, and as an intern we are taught to work meticulously on a few projects. Everyone at RED understands that quality is more important than quantity.

Myth #4: The bigger the company, the more important the job
Applying for summer internships, I knew I wanted to work at a firm where I had the opportunity to interact with all levels of employees. Can every huge corporations’ interns say they got to throw around ideas with the President on a daily basis?

Myth #5: PR is just one big lavish party
Okay, maybe sometimes PR pros throw a few fun events, but hey, that just makes all the hard work worth it! RED attracts interns who are hardworking, eager, and motivated.  And at RED PR, interns develop a professional, results-oriented perspective. Plus, we free senior executives to focus on the big picture. You know what they say – teamwork makes the dream work!

mel and danielle

Spring ’16 interns Melanie and Danielle pose for RED’s Instagram


— Ellie (RED Spring ’15 intern)


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