Recently, RED PR hosted a press event for twenty top journalists at Red Door Salon to launch one of our newest clients, the anti-aging beauty brand called GROH. It was born out of medical research that marries natural, organic ingredients with proven clinical studies.

Dr. Marvin Hausman, GROH’s founder and renowned immunologist, is the leading expert on the super-powered antioxidant that comes from mushrooms and is GROH’s key ingredient: Ergothioneine. Dr. Hausman was conducting a medical study on auto-immune disorders when he unexpectedly discovered the happy side-effect that inspired the beauty products. They include Hair and Scalp Conditioning Treatment, Skin Repair Treatment, Ergo Boost Replenishing Supplements and Ergo Boost Skin Recharge Bar. It is a boosting line (meant to complement your existing beauty regimen) sold at hair salons around the country.

Results of a three-month clinical study of the Daily Supplements and the Scalp Conditioning Treatment promise a “growing” future for this brand.

  • 84% increase in hair volume
  • 88% decrease in loss
  • 92% decrease in breakage
  • 95% increase in shine
  • 100% increase in Vitamin D2 (proven via blood work)
Dr. Hausman 1

GROH founder Dr. Marvin Hausman

Groh Ergo Boost

Groh Ergo Boost

Muchroom in sculpture

Superfood muffins and mushroom-shaped meringues

Superfood muffins and mushroom-shaped meringues

Product in shelf

WWD 4.10 2

WWD feature story

Marvin and Julia

Dr. Hausman and Julia Labaton, president of RED PR








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