1. Yummy lunches and dinners with friends, colleagues and clients at delicious restaurants like ABC Cocina, The Beatrice Inn, The Crosby Bar, Koi, Lure, Recette and Seamstress.
  2. Spotting Oprah at ABC Cocina!
  3. Visual inspiration from the lust-worthy displays at ABC Carpet.
  4. Being part of the Second Chance Rescue community by fostering Juju and working with one of their trainers. Seeing his progress is incredible! The biggest challenge: horses near Central Park which terrify him.
  5. Observing NYC nightlife in Central Park: a raccoon family, a flock of ducks and a healthy cat on patrol around the lower pond.
  6. Meeting friendly dog owners in Central Park who were happy to meet my foster American Staffie Juju, and gave him a chance to make friends.
  7. Seeing Jupiter and its 4 moons through a giant telescope! The telescope was brought to Central Park by one of aforementioned dog owners…who happens to be the president of the New York Astronomers Association.
  8. Being photographed by Bill Cunningham on Fifth Avenue while walking the dog.
  9. Being featured on TotalBeauty.com as a result of my team’s terrific work.
  10. Supporting the Girl Scouts by eating delicious Tagalongs (multiple boxes).


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